Sunday, July 13, 2008

Romance Writers Association Meeting

Yesterday I went to the monthly meeting for Orange County Chapter Romance Writers Association (OCCRWA). Every meeting I attend I learn something new, packed with a wealth of information. This month’s focus was the annual Romance Writers Convention and the dos and don’ts for first time attendees. Unfortunately I'm not attending the convention, I wish I could, but Megan, my daughter, goes back to school for her second year in college and Ryan, my son, begins his first year! Life will be hectic.

The second half of the meeting was round table discussions with unpublished and published authors. Even though something like that intimidates me, it turned out to be my favorite part! The published authors asked what we [unpublished authors] were working on and our progress. When it came to my turn, I told them I had sent out five query letters and received back two denial letters.

One of the published authors said, "That's great! What did the letters say?"

Conveniently I had one in my tote bag and took it out. The other unpublished authors wanted to see it too so it was passed around the table. I had been sad about the denial letters, but the other unpublished authors looked at my letter as something to be admired, like I had accomplished something.

I had mailed out the query letters to agents looking for representation, the published author said, "Send out the query letters to publishers! I did, and then I found an agent after I had a book deal!"

Like I said, there's always a wealth of information! When I began this journey almost three years ago, I didn't know where to begin and now I feel like I'm changing the course yet again!

For information about the OCCRWA here's the link:

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