Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot at 63!

I've dreaded having to have blood drawn, not because I'm scared of needles, but because of the fact that I had to fast atleast 12 hours prior.

Just the thought of not being able to eat upset me. My morning was turned upside down. I couldn't work out! Even worse, I couldn't have coffee! By the time I got home I couldn't eat fast enough, ready to pass out!

I didn't last long before I had to take a nap, not getting much accomplished from my long list of things to do!

Instead of diving into work after the nap, I did some "research" (online star stalking). While on one of my favorite sites, Just Jared, I saw this picture of Helen Mirren:

Helen Mirren is one hot mama and she's 63!

GEEZ I want to look this good! So much for complaining about having to fast!

Okay, now off to my boring life... I have to write 2 quizzes and prepare for class tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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