Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chasing the Green Jersey

Check out my new blog dedicated to my other obsession -- Bike Racing.
It's still a work in process, but I've posted the pictures I took at the Amgen 2010Tour of California.
Click here: Chasing the Green Jersey

Here's a sneak peak:

Andy Schleck pointing at me. LOL! I take no credit of the getting the autograph. Megan got it signed while I was camped out waiting for Chris Horner.
Mark Cavendish definitely doesn't look happy with our mountains.

But I see a slight smile on Mark's face. I think we made him laugh because we were running after him and calling his name.

I think Mark thinks I'm stalking him after 3 days of following him. LOL!
Chris Horner remembered me from the day before and gave me his full signature instead of just initials. So sweet! After going to see him race for 10 years I finally have an autographed picture!
The most successful year at the Amgen Tour of California! I can't wait until next year!