Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. I've spent the long weekend writing and researching for my WWII novel. After two days of watching documentaries, I decided to attend Memorial Day services in honor of men and women who died for our country at the Los Angeles National Cemetery located in Westwood.

The Color Guard

The program was wonderful. The main speaker, Major General James W. Comstock, gave a very poignant speech, especially when he said the reason why we have the freedom of speech, freedom to protest, and even the freedom to burn the flag is because of the men and women who have died fighting for our freedom.

WWII planes flew overhead

There a few guests, actors and a writer, who read "Letters from the Front". Each one read letters from soldiers from the Civil War to the present. (Robert Davi, Robert Forster, David Horowitz, Lee Purcell, and Jon Voight). I have to say, none of the actors were acting while reading the letters, everyone tearfully. There wasn't a dry eye in the place when Robert Davi read the last letter from a soldier in Iraq who had written the letter to his sweetheart with the instruction -- Do not read this letter unless I have died.

Jon Voight

Lee Purcell

Robert Davi

Restoration of the Flag

The Color Guard

Carnations were handed out to the audience and then later collected to be given to the Coast Guard to throw out into Santa Monica bay in honor of the men and women who have died for our country.

After the service we walked around to find some of the 14 Metal of Honor recipients who are interned at the Los Angeles National Cemetery. We found four.

Next year, I encourage you to attend services at your local national cemetery.
National Cemetery

Pictures of the grounds

Thank you to everyone who has given the ultimate sacrifice, a love one.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sherlock Holmes-Trailer

I went to Grauman's last night to see Terminator Salvation, yes AGAIN! I had to go support McG and Christian on opening weekend. We were treated to the Sherlock Holmes trailer. I can't wait!

In theaters December 25,2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Terminator Salvation Premiere

Last night was the premiere of Terminator Salvation. One side of Hollywood Blvd was blocked off to make way for the "black carpet", Terminators, and the Stars.

Across the street and down an alley, a parking lot was converted to look like a scene from the movie. Bent metal and Terminators were part of the decor and trash can bonfires could be seen from blocks way.

Lots of Stars! Some of them were Director McG, Rodrigo Santoro (King Xerxes from 300), Mark Mcgrath, Rose Mcgowan, Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist), and Eric Dane (McSteamy - Grey's Anatomy). There were probably a lot more but I can't remember, it's a blur now.

The highlight of the night was meeting Christian Bale. He was very sweet when I asked him to sign my picture. He leaned in and looked me in the eyes and asked me what my name was.
I forgot for a second. Thank God I remembered. He smiled and autographed it for me. Annette remembered her name, but when he asked how to spell it she almost forgot! LOL!

You probably can barely see, but Jadagrace who plays Star in the film, so adorable, autographed my poster.

Terminator Salvation in Theaters May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Students Making It Work!

The assignment: My students had one hour to design two garments in pairs. They could pick from the provided fabric, but they could not cut it up.

So with pins and fabric this what they came up with!

My pick for the top three designs:

#3 Very cute and whimsical

#2 Love the red satin puckered with the slim fit of the skirt

#1 The fabric is Neoprene, wet suit material. Very good execution and use of the two sided/color of the fabric.

Terminator Salvation Director McG @ the Apple Store

I've seen director McG at Comicon last year and at Wondercon in February. Each time he was so entertaining and spoke passionately about Terminator Salvation. Tonight he didn't disappoint. He spoke about the film, showed a 4 minute trailer, and then the audience had the opportunity to ask questions.
I had also seen McG at the Watchman Premiere back in March and wanted to say hi, but there was always a crowd around him. So tonight, I finally had the opportunity to talk to him briefly. I told him I loved the movie and then asked him to autograph my ticket for Thursday.
He stared at the ticket and said something like, "How cool! You have a ticket to the premiere?"
I told him yes!
Annette and I asked if we could have a picture with him and he said sure.
We thanked him and said, "See you Thursday!"
If you are a fan of the Terminator franchise, you must see Terminator Salvation. You won't be disappointed!