Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Movie Review ~ Last Chance Harvey

I went to special screening of Last Chance Harvey with a Q&A with Dustin Hoffman. The movie was sweet and romantic, we need more films like this. Who says older people can't fall in love? The most touching scene was when Harvey, Dustin Hoffman, gives the toast at his daughter's wedding reception. Dustin said when they shot the scene, he asked the director, Joel Hopkins, to shoot it with three cameras because he didn't think he would be able to do the scene more than once. Emma Thompson is a great match for him, so there's no question why they were both nominated for Golden Globes.

Dustin Hoffman was humble and very interesting to listen to. He spoke not only about the movie, but from everything from Kramer VS Kramer to Rainman. He talked and answered questions for so long, we got kicked out of the theater because there was another screening and we didn't get a chance to get autographs or pictures.

Last Chance Harvey in theaters December 25, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2008 had been a fantastic year!
I've had countless adventures I've experienced with family and friends, there was never a dull moment!

The top 10 most memorable moments of 2008

10. Meeting Ed Harris

Ed Harris was so nice to stop and talk to me and autograph my poster after the Q&A when I saw Appaloosa.

9. Meeting Patrick Wilson

Believe it or not, after I saw Phantom of the Opera, the first person I Googled was Patrick!
I can't wait to see Watchmen!

8. Meeting Danny Boyle

Slumbdog Millionare has all my support for it's Golden Globe nominations
Best Movie, Danny Boyle for Best Director

7. Going to the Nim's Island Premiere

The only photos I could take were outside, all of our cameras and cell phones had to checked in before we went inside the theater. I wish I had had it though, Gerard was great, he was the sweetest with the little girls we had brought, he autographed their Nim's Island books and took the time to answer all their questions. I don't know who was more thrilled, my niece's classmates or Gerard meeting his new fans.

6. Meeting Allan Rickman

I can't believe I met him! LOL!
My knees were shaking and I can't remember what I said to him.

5. Meeting Michael Fassbender

Michael was a thrill to meet and so generous with his time.
The Academy better not overlook his performance in Hunger!

4. Meeting James McAvoy

I still can't believe I told him I loved him! LOL!

3. Seeing Jeffrey at Comic Con

When Jeffrey was signing my Watchmen poster he said, "Hello! Nice to see you again!"
I'm going with that he remembered me when I met him at the PS I Love You Premiere after party and I told him I still haven't gotten over him dying in Grey's Anatomy. LOL! Then Jeffrey said, "Neither am I!" And then next thing I knew he was hugging me!

After the autograph signing Jeffrey was so sweet, even though the security guards were trying to whisk him away, he ignored them, wrapped his arm around me, and posed for the picture.

2. Seeing Gerard at Comic Con, how could I not? I was sitting in the second row!

Kisses are my favorite chocolate!

And the #1 most memorable moment in 2008 was...

1. Talking with Gerard at the RocknRolla Premiere

Joy and Allen were trying to get him into the Escalade after the premiere, but he stopped to say hello even though he knew it would cause a flood of fans to ask him to stop for autographs and well wishes. He autographed my favorite picture from Comic Con talked to me for a bit.
Gerard said, "I never forget you"
I'm surprised I didn't faint and actually remember the conversation. He said goodbye and got into the Escalade.

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season!
Here's to 2009, the year has already started off well.


Monday, December 22, 2008

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

My family and I went to see the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Robin Williams, Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire, and Johnny Mathis were the guests. Robin was hysterical as usual with his off camera antics and Freida was an unexpected surprise, I loved her in Slumdog Millionaire, still my favorite movie this year!

My children -- Loren, Megan, & Ryan.
It's great to know that they think I'm a cool mom, LOL!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Revolutionary Road Premiere

I attended the Premiere of Revolutionary Road last night. Sam Mendes, the director and also Kate Winslet's husband, introduced the film as well as thanked all who made the movie possible.

The movie was very sad, but the performances of the entire cast including Kathy Bates, John Behlmann, Kristen Connolly, and especially Michael Shannon all contribute to compelling story.

Sam Mendes introducing Revolutionary Road

After the movie I met Kristen Connolly and she was kind enough to autograph my poster.

Movie Review ~ Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road, directed by Sam Mendes, was very sad, but had brilliant performances by the entire cast. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have the same chemistry after all these years, matured and real, makes you wonder what real life would have been like if Jack had survived Titanic.

The 1950's was unforgiving for women who didn't fit the mold. Kate's portrayal of a woman trying to escape her stifling, mediocre, suburban life is heart wrenching and Leonardo's portrayal of a man who loves his wife, but doesn't understand how to make her happy, makes a sad reality of what marriage can do to destroy hopes and dreams. Young people should watch this movie as a prerequisite before hastily heading to the alter.

Revolutionary Road in theaters December 26, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Nominated for 4 Golden Globes!

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Nominated for 4 Golden Globes®!

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has nominated SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE for:

Best Picture, Drama
Best Director for Danny Boyle
Best Screenplay for Simon Beaufoy
Best Original Score for A.R. Rahman.

Congratulations Danny and the cast and crew!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Movie Review ~ The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Day the Earth Stood Still had all the potential for a great science fiction film; great cast, great special effects, but the storyline was disappointing. I'm tired of the same old message being repeated of how horrible the human race is.

The Day the Earth Stood Still in theater December 12, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Movie Review ~ Monsters VS Aliens

I went to the advanced screening of Monsters VS Aliens yesterday. I can't say I liked it or not because it was rough and unfinished, which we were told before the movie began.

The storyline is cute and geared towards children of course, but there are lines and jokes that will make adults laugh out loud. I liked that the main character Susan Murphy/Ginormica was female, Reese Witherspoon, and eventually became the hero.

In theaters March 27, 2009

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hunger ~ Opening Night

Hunger opened on Friday with Michael Fassbender doing a Q & A. at the Nuart Theater. I had heard about the movie during AFI Film Festival, but didn't have time to see it.

After the movie Michael was introduced for the Q&A. Someone asked how he had lost the weight. Under a doctor's care his goal was about 120 lbs without risking his health, he ate 1,000 calories a day until he plateaued and then reduced it to 600 calories. At the beginning of the movie Michael doesn't have the muscle mass he had in 300, a very slimmed down version, but by the end of the movie he was skeletal. It was horrific to watch Michael in his role as Bobby Sands decline in weight and then later died.

After the Q&A he greeted fans. We waited for him and then he said, "Give me a moment."
He went to talk to his friends, a group of Irish people who happened to be sitting in the row behind us. When his friends left he walked up to us. I extended my hand to shake his, surprisingly he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek!

My friend Annette and I waiting to talk to Michael

Michael was charming and gracious. He spent so much time with us. He asked what our names were, autographed pictures, and thanked us for coming. Eventually we were ushered out of the theater for the next screening. He walked out to the lobby with us where he talked to us some more.
I had only intended to ask Michael to autograph only one photo, but he autographed all my pictures! What a sweet heart!

Hurry!! Hunger only at the Nuart Theater until Thursday, December 11, 2008
For tickets:

Two wonderful nights in one week! More than I could ask for.

Movie Review ~ Hunger

Hunger was disturbing, a biopic directed by Steve McQueen of IRA prisoners in the 1980's who go on a hunger strike led by Bobby Sands played by Michael Fassbender. A must see, but it is not an easy film to watch, basic human rights are taken away from the prisoners and it's horrific. There is one amazing scene, done in one take between Bobby Sands and Father Moran, Liam Cunningham. If Michael Fassbender doesn't get at least an Oscar nomination for his performance in the film, there's something wrong.

Hunger opens in limited release December 5, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Nobel Son Premiere

I received tickets to the premiere of Nobel Son on Tuesday, December 2. I wasn't as interested in the film as I was hoping for the possibility of seeing Allan Rickman who plays the lead. The premiere was held at the Egyptian theater, down the street from Grauman's, which I had never been to before. We waited in line right next to the Red Carpet, we literary next to the photographers and the camera crews. It was low key and no big burly security guards. As the celebrates arrived we took pictures.

Ernie Hudson who plays a cop in the film

Bill Pullman

Bryan Greenberg, the lead in the film

Allan Rickman arriving at the Red Carpet

After the red carpet we made our way to our seats. I decided to go to the lobby to see if I could get Allan to autograph my picture I had brought and buy a soda, well once in the lobby there was Allan standing with two people! I walked up to him and waited for him to finish talking to someone and then I think I said something like,"Hi Allan". My hands were shaking and I don't remember much else. I don't remember what he said to me.. LOL!

While standing in line for the soda a guy and girl were in front of me. The girl told the guy what she wanted from the concession stand and then walked away. Rhea Perlman walked up and told him what she wanted and then the guy started waving at someone to come over to him, well the guy was Danny DeVito. Danny said what do you want, the guy must of said money and then Danny takes a wad of money from his pocket and pulls out $40. Danny tells him what he wants and then walks away. LOL! The guy was Danny's son!

The producers were there to introduce the film and the actors.

After the movie we made our way to the lobby and stood to the side. We watched the actors greet each other and people were shaking hands, it seemed more like all friends and industry people having a reunion than a movie premiere. We saw the lead guy (I didn't know his name at the time) talking to people so I got brave enough to go up to him. I said something like "Congratulation I enjoyed your movie and shook his hand".
He said, "Hi I'm Bryan, thank you for coming."
Bryan Autographed this for me!
Me after the premiere, everything has been cleared away already from the red carpet.