Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colin Firth Day

9:30 am and only a few people at the barriers waiting for Colin Firth to receive his Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Pig N Whistle on Hollywood Blvd.

Next door to the Pig N Whistle is the Egyptian Theater

At the barrier waiting for Colin. How many more hours?

1/2 hour to go and the crowd is building and the press is getting into position.

George Pennaccio our local Hollywood reporter from ABC 7
Finally the ceremony has started and Colin is receiving accolades for his body of work.
Guy Pearce has nothing but wonderful things to say about working with Colin in King's Speech.

Colin thanking everyone.

Posing with everyone for photos.

Colin made his way down the barrier before and after interviews to greet all the fans.

He was so gracious with his time.
Just when the security guard announced it was time for him to leave he saw me holding up my picture I wanted to have autographed over the lady's head in front of me.
He said, "Do you have a pen?"
I had the pen ready, so he reached for it over the lady's head between us. He autographed the picture and handed it back to me. I yelled, "Thank you!"
He smiled and said to the crowd, "I'm sorry, I have to leave."
Mission accomplished!
This is the picture that Colin autographed. It was taken last January (2010) at a screening of A Single Man.