Sunday, July 6, 2008

Denial Letter

During lunch with my girlfriends in Beverly Hills, I checked my email on my Blackberry, yes I'm addicted, that flashing red light indicating I have email or text messages drives me crazy! It was an email from one of the agents I had sent a query letter to the day before!

For those who wonder what a rejection letter looks like, here it is:

Thanks for sending along the opening pages of It's Just Coffee. Truth be told, though, I'm afraid they didn't draw me in as much as I had hoped. I'm pressed for time these days and, what with my reservations about the project, I suspect I wouldn't be the best fit. Thanks so much for contacting me, though, and for giving me this opportunity. It's much appreciated, and I'm sorry to be passing. I wish you the very best of luck in your search for representation.


It was hard to not let it spoil the wonderful afternoon. I showed the email to my girlfriend Annette sitting beside me. Annette says nothing but positive things, always encouraging me.

She said, "At least she responded back and she didn't tear apart your writing."

Well, I believe I will find someone who will be the best fit to represent me who understands my voice.

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Sharon said...

Hi Joy,
As I set here having my Coffee, reading the first chapter of the book. I think it is going to be a good read.

About the Denial Letter,you know that she read the pages that you sent.

Love Sharon
(the Mom)