Saturday, July 5, 2008

Query Letters

Wednesday, July 2

For the last two days I've been working on query letters. I haven't slept much due to the stress and when I do sleep I've had strange dreams. I did manage to email three and I'm dropping one in the mail after working out this morning. It probably doesn't seem like a lot to stress over, but trust me, it's terribly stressful!

Not to worry, I will be taking it easy this afternoon. I'm having lunch with my girlfriends after I pick up my bracelet from Tiffany's in Beverly Hills. I can't wait to see how the bracelet turned out, I dropped it off to be engraved almost a month ago and I miss it!

Remember when Holly and Paul in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" have a ring from a Cracker Jack box engraved? Well, it still costs about $10, unless you choose to have it hand engraved, which I did. The cost wasn't that much more. The man recommended hand engraving since it would last longer and they had a nicer font selection.

I have several friends who have charm bracelets and necklaces with wonderful charms on them. I'm not sure if I want to add more charms, but if I want charms from Tiffany's I will have to find a fifth job! I had been saving to buy the bracelet, but a wonderful student, Teresa, gave it to me (after she graduated). She said I was the best teacher she ever had. If I had bought it or my husband, then I would have engraved it with our initials, but since someone else gave it to me, I had this engraved on the heart charm:

Can you guess the significance?

Here's a picture of us on Via Rodeo, Beverly Hills
Via Rodeo, Beverly Hills


Sharon said...

You are having to much fun.

Joy Somerville said...

Wasn't that a fun day! I would tell you it's a fluke, we never have that much fun all the time, but then I would be lying!