Friday, July 11, 2008

Movie Reviews

I loved the movie. I’m amazed how a little machine, with almost no dialog, can make you love him in a matter of minutes. Afterwards, I wanted eat a Twinkie, pick up trash, and pop in my VHS of “Hello Dolly”.

Hellboy II
My son and I are both fans of the first Hellboy so we were thrilled when we received a prescreening invitation. We laughed out loud when Hellboy and Abe were drunk and sang to Berry Manilow's “Can’t Smile Without You”.

Journey to the center of the Earth
I had missed two opportunities to see the movie a few weeks ago and I was excited when I received another invitation, I wasn’t going to miss it again! The movie had interesting twist on the Jules Verne novel. The 3D effects we great, all the children in the audience seemed to like it, but Moms, you will enjoy it too. My girlfriend and I elbowed each other a few times, Brendan Fraser didn’t disappoint.

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