Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Rocknrolla Screening

Although the people at the Montalban put on a excellent event on Tuesday night, I’m happy I had another opportunity to watch Rocknrolla last night. My experience hadn’t been the best, mostly because of me, the excitement of seeing the highly anticipated movie for the first time plus having to pee badly for the last half hour and didn’t want to leave my seat, and then add to that the bad sound quality.

Last night’s screening was low key, with all negative factors removed, I understood the storyline more. Guy Richie really packs in a lot of information in the first fifteen minutes, so you really have to pay attention. The whole cast is wonderful, but three stood out the most.

Toby Kebbell:
Even though it was hard to watch his drug-induced-trip-seizure performance, there’s just one word, BRILLIANT! I hope Guy Richie expands his character in the sequels.

Mark Strong:
I know Mark Strong has been around for a long time, I first saw him in the British mini series the Jury, but I hated his character even though his performance was terrific. After seeing him twice within four days, Body of Lies and now Rocknrolla, I’m hooked. I think he had me with the way he said “My Dear” in Body of Lies. I came away thinking I have to add Mark Strong to my list of favorites (ya that’s all I need!).

Gerard Butler:
As I mentioned before, happily his Scottish brogue is back. My favorite storyline throughout is with Handsome Bob (Tom Hardy) and One Two (Gerard Butler). The interaction between the two after my favorite scene, when Handsome Bob tells One Two what he really wants, is hysterically funny with how Handsome Bob antagonizes homophobic One Two. Make sure you stay through the credits, I guarantee you'll laugh out loud!

All that said, I loved it, I can’t wait for the sequel!

Rocknrolla opens in limited release October 8th, wide release October 31st

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