Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back to Reality

Usually the beginning of a quarter is enough to exhaust me, but throw in on Monday a Parent Orientation at my son's college, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the RocknRolla movie premiere, another screening of RocknRolla on Wednesday, working two days at the factory making patterns, and then the first day of the Fall Quarter with four classes, not to mention my son's first day of college (yes, my baby started college!), it's a wonder I didn't collapse by Friday night! But I wouldn't have traded any of it!

Now back to reality...

My son loves his classes, which makes me very happy. He came home with loads of supplies; Prisma markers and pens, erasers, sketch pads in various sizes, Pantones, paint, exacto knives, and books. I think he's a little overwhelmed with how much he has and got right to work reorganizing his room. He might even take out his two recliners to make room for a drafting table so he has plenty of room to work. I was shocked when he told me because he prides himself in having the recliners like Joey and Chandler from Friends. All his friends think his bedroom is cool.

I have a great vibe from my students, different from the past Summer quarter. I think the Summer students were hard pressed to concentrate, which I totally understand, I had the same problem. This new group seems motivated and ready to learn which always makes teaching more fun!

The Arclight added an exhibit of Gerard's costume he wore in RocknRolla

My girlfriends and I in front of the Montalban

The Montalban posted pictures and video from the screening of Rocknrolla, check them out!



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