Thursday, October 23, 2008

Movie Review ~ Game (Addendum)

I’ve had a few hours sleep and have thought about the movie more. I wrote about the scenes I loved, here are the ones I hated or left me thinking, ya right!

Spoiler Alert!

The song and dance number made me think WTF? Yes, you got that right, SONG AND DANCE NUMBER!! The Sims characters were hard to watch, they should edit out the woman peeing. YES, peeing! And lastly, I did horribly in Chemistry 101, I think this is a challenge for Myth Busters. Does vomiting alcohol and peeing into a gas tank work if you are out of gas? That got a huge laugh from the audience.

I hated Michel C. Hall’s character, Ken Castle, eccentric and over the top, he reminded me of the villain in the Incredibles, a cartoon. But if I hated him then that means Michael did his job well. Also, the movie exercised little of Gerard’s acting abilities, but fully used his physicality, the action scenes were great. I didn’t think it was possible for him to look bigger, as in muscular, than in 300.

Out of the four women in our group, one hated it, one loved it, and two said, “We would have never seen the movie had Gerard Butler not been in it.” I will probably suffer to see it again with my son, but only to watch Gerard, Mark and Brian really did a wonderful job filming him, in my opinion, the best he’s looked since 300.

Game opens in May 2009?

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