Thursday, October 9, 2008

RocknRolla ~ Opening Night @ the Archlight

Originally, only a premiere was planned in London and at the Toronto Film Festival for RocknRolla so our group decided to celebrate by going to see the movie on opening night. When tickets became available at the Archlight, we were thrilled when the website announced that Joel Silver would be there for a Q&A directly following the movie. Well as the weeks drew nearer, Gerard was announced to be a guest at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and then with less than a week's notice Warner Brothers announced a Los Angeles premiere.

Sunday morning the Archlight's website was updated with the news that Gerard would also be attending opening night with Joel Silver. Of course we were elated!

So last night was opening night! Yes, I saw Rocknrolla for a fourth time and I still enjoyed the movie! After the movie a moderator for the Q&A came out to introduce Joel Silver and then Gerard. The Q&A was great with Gerard entertaining and uncensored.

Spoiler alert!
In the movie a painting plays an integral role, connecting all the characters. The funny thing is, the audience never sees the painting as it passes from character to character.

When the Q&A was opened to the audience, a man asked, "What does the painting look like and will we ever see it in the sequel?"

Undoubtedly the best question asked! Firstly because I had wondered that very thing since I saw the movie for the first time and secondly the answers we were given!

Gerard answered. "I don't remember if there was a painting in the frame." I thought he was evading the question, but I then I remembered his character has the painting for a very short time.

Joel said something like, "If we do get to make the sequel, I would love the painting to be revealed and to be one of Johannes Vermeer's, you know the artist who painted the Girl with a Pearl Earring."

Gerard said something like, "I think the painting should be of a Vagina." I almost choked as well as the rest of the audience. "You know you can imagine every one looking at the painting, tilting their head to study it and saying how beautiful it is."

All I have to say is, classic Gerard!

Last night was the icing on an already fun filled week!

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Alex Jordan said...

I believe the Painting should be like the one in the office that Tank visits oh the Horse and Jockey , i think it was. I dont exactly remember what the painting looked like but it did have some significance in the movie.