Thursday, June 11, 2015


When moving house there's so much to pack, but don't forget to move your garden! Your garden is also a room in your home you shouldn't forget to take with you. Planting a new garden is very expensive, so why not take it with you! It takes a bit of work and planning, but you will be happy you did it!

Years ago when we bought our first home, our Indonesian housekeeper told us that bringing soil from our old house to the new would bring us good luck. She took a handful of soil from the old yard and sprinkled it onto our new yard. Since then, every time we move, I move plants and bring along the soil.

During the pending move, I dug up bulbs first; calla lilies, gladiolas, irises, and lilies preparing them for the big move. The bulbs would survive wrapped up and stored in the garage until they were ready for planting. Digging in the yard also helped to relieve the stress while we went through the pains of escrow.

Once we closed escrow, the work of packing became more intense including the garden. Every evening I would dig up a major pant and immediately transplant them at the new house. Hydrangeas, rose bushes, a butterfly bush, peonies, and succulents all had to be moved.

How to transplant:

Prepare the new home for the plant in advance so you can replant it right away. Make sure to use garden soil appropriate for the type of plant. For rose bushes I prune the branches way down to make it manageable to move. Take your time while digging up the plant. Be careful to not break or cut any major roots while looking for the tap root, it will be the largest root that usually shoots straight down from the bottom of the root ball. Have a large container ready to transport the plant.

Dig a hole three times the width and depth of the plant. Mix the old soil with the new garden soil equally and fill the bottom of the hole a few inches. Place the plant in the hole and fill in with the soil mix and try to make sure you don’t leave any air pockets as you bury the roots. I make a moat around the plant and fill it with water. Once the water drains and soil settles, I refill it with water. This usually gets rid of the remaining air pockets you may have missed. Add more soil if needed. I water every day for the next few days. I don’t always fertilize unless I think the soil needs it.

The plant maybe be in shock for a while, so watch the plant closely for the next few weeks making sure you water it well. Out of all the plants I transplanted, I only lost one, not bad for moving an entire garden.

The side garden is slowly filling. Gardening takes lots of patience!
 I was most worried about transplanting the 
hydrangeas, but they seem to be settling in just fine.

The climbing rose bush looks perfect in front of the chimney.
  Calla Lilies have never been better! 
I think they like their new home
 The Amaryllis are growing slowly
The front flower bed is fill out nicely  
  Zeek lounging in front of the Calla Lilies

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