Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Ivy Topiaries

During a visit to the Getty Museum in Malibu, I fell in love with the Ivy Topiaries that were placed throughout the gardens. I took lots of pictures to remind myself to make my own for the garden. I looked online for sphere foundations to make the topiaries, but they were too costly for small spheres so I decided to give it a go and do it myself.

 Step 1: 
I used wire hangers from the dry cleaner, but you 
can use any heavy wire that is easy to bend into shape
Step 2: 
I formed the wire into circles
Step 3: 
The plastic pots were a bit too tall for the ceramic pot I wanted to 
place it so I had Mr. S trim them down and then he poked holes for the wire.
Step 4:
Fill the pot with potting soil and put the wire hangers through the 
holes on the pot. Mr. S crimped the wire to stay in place with pliers.
Step 5: 
Hold wire in place with zip ties at the top and trim excess.
Step 6:
I placed the plastic pot in the ceramic pot. Now
all ready for the Ivy! (I had empty ceramic planters from last year.)
Step 7:
Weave Ivy through the wire. In no time the Ivy will fill in!
The Ivy has filled in beautifully with the Pansies and Poppies
Another ivy topiary I started about 6 months
ago with a small ivy plant I purchased for $2

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