Sunday, June 14, 2015

Decomposed Granite isn't too Complicated

Mr. S suggested we put decomposed granite on the walk ways between the vegetable beds. Not sure how it would look, I found pictures of gardens with decomposed granite. I was sold when I saw this picture from the movie "It's Complicated" 

I checked out the prices and measured how much I would need to fill in the walk ways. At $5.99 a bag, the project would cost over $500! So I went to Craigslist, one of my favorite resources to find what I need for my projects. Sometimes you have to be patient, looking often until you find what you are looking for. My patience paid off, I found someone selling decomposed granite for $40, almost the amount I needed! All we had to do was come pick it up.

Once we spread it into place, we needed an additional 10 bags to fill in the rest. So the entire project cost only $100! The decomposed granite look great. The best thing about it was it's low maintenance and doesn't have to be watered which is great for our Southern California drought problem. Mr. S had a great idea!

Decomposed granite all in place in the vegetable garden

The center of the garden is the prefect home for my beloved Zach.

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