Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Gift from the Birds

One of my favorite flowers is the Morning Glory. Even though it's an annual, it always comes back every year, reseeding itself. One year in our old vegetable garden, morning glories started growing all on their own. They were incredibly hardy, no matter how many I pulled out, more grew. The only thing I can think of how the morning glories had gotten there is that they were a gift from the birds. Birds pick up seeds and drop them as they fly around, so it's reasonable to think that they brought them to my vegetable garden. 

When we packed during our move, I made sure to collect the seeds that were scattered around the old vegetable garden. So when it came time to decide what to plant to grow on the arbor at the entrance of the vegetable garden, of course I didn't think twice and the Morning Glories seeds were planted!

The Morning Glories growing in the old vegetable garden (with baby Zeek)
Morning Glories getting started on the arbor
Morning Glories in the morning!

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