Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pink Alexander Magnolia Tree

With shopping list at hand, Mr. S and I went to H & H. I had difficulty keeping on track with the nursery filled with Pink Alexander Magnolia trees. Mr. S and I stopped to admire them and I ignored my impulse to buy one. On the far side looking for the plants on my list there was more magnolia trees to tempt me! I tried to ignore them as I looked at plants, one of the workers drove up with a cart right beside me and began loading the entire row of magnolia trees. A part of me wanted to grab one of the trees, but I'm happy to say I remained strong. We left without caving in.

I had always wanted a pink magnolia tree since the first time I had seen one years ago at The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino. The next morning Mr. S asked if I was still thinking about the magnolia tree. I told him, yes. He encouraged me to go back and buy one. I didn't think twice and was on my way back to H & H hoping they still had trees! 

My Pink Alexander Magnolia tree!
 Afew days later, I took the afternoon off to meet the 
workers from H&H to deliver and plant the tree.
 I can't wait till the tree grows to full height! So beautiful!

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