Saturday, May 30, 2015

Breaking Ground

Thanksgiving is a big holiday for the Somervilles. We have hosted family and friends for 27 out of 29 years. This year we planned to work on the vegetable garden during the long weekend. Barley recovered from the festivities, we were up early Friday morning ready to work.

The location for the vegetable garden was used to store building supplies and as a dumping ground while the house was being remolded, so before we could begin breaking ground we had to clear the area of everything along with the remnants of old forgotten raised garden beds.

We feared the raised garden bed planters were big boxes and hoped that we didn't have to dig all the dirt out before we could excavate them, but thankfully they were 30" deep sheets of metal. I did my share of digging all around the planter while Mr. S tried different methods of raising the sheet metal.

Months prior, Mr. S had chopped a tree down located in the center of where we planned to build a fence, the entrance to the vegetable garden. He had already killed the stump, what remained was to dig it out. While digging we also found a huge piece of concrete with part of a pole, which we determined must have been the support to a clothesline.

Finally we had cleared the area, but the area was far from level. My plan was to level the sandy ground with healthy soil and mulch. We went to the local dump where they give mulch away for free, you only have to bring your own shovel and buckets. Where ever I can find freebies I get excited because my garden design will be costly.

After days of back breaking work we had made progress...

One of the metal garden beds
Some of the metal sheet being excavated
I did a lot of digging! I think that was the most I've ever done in my life!
  We used rope and a jack to lift the sheet metal

The ground is terribly uneven 

Filling up barrels of free mulch
Progress! The ground is cleared and flat!
Now time to measure and map out where the raised beds will be placed

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