Saturday, May 23, 2015

Somerville Gardens

For years I have sketched and planned my dream garden, keeping a folder with magazine clipping for inspiration. One look at my collection, you would immediately know my style is a cottage garden. You'd think in my former life I was an old English lady. 

So when I first saw the pictures online of our house late one night, I so was excited! After searching for a home with a good size yard for over 6 months, I was hopeful the the house would meet our needs. I drove by the house the next morning even though I knew I'd be late to work. The lot was huge, approximately 10,000 sq ft with the front yard wrapping around a corner with huge lollipop shaped bushes. I half expected to see a white rabbit appear with Alice in Wonderland chasing it. 

We were able to meet our realtor that very day during my lunch break. I was immediately sad once we walked into the house and the strong cigarette smell hit me. We followed our realtor as he showed us the house. I tried to see the positive side, it had our basic needs, but I was anxious to see the back yard. 

Once outside I was happy the pictures didn't show how large the yard really was. I could see our Adirondack chairs on the patio, our patio furniture would be perfect under the three large shade trees, the large overgrown bushes just need a good pruning, and a large side yard that would be perfect for a vegetable garden. But that cigarette smell! 

With a lot of discussion and fear we decided to buy the house.

Before pictures
Perfect trees for shading the patio furniture
Side yard pictures 
Perfect for the vegetable garden

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