Sunday, May 31, 2015

Images of Watermelon Vines

While shopping at yard sales many years ago, we met a nice man who Mr. S bought some fishing tackle from. I think they chatted for over a half hour about fishing. He showed Mr. S one of his fishing reels that didn't work, so Mr. S asked if he could take a look at it. He borrowed a screwdriver and had the reel apart in seconds, adjusted something inside, and the reel worked like new!

The man was so appreciative that he showed us his back yard, which was covered with a vine that had taken over at least half of the far side of the yard. After my eyes adjusted, I realized there were several watermelon hiding under the large leaves on the vines. He promised us a watermelon when they were ready. Mr. S and the man exchanged phone numbers and a month later he called. It was the juiciest watermelon!

Since then, I have had the image of the watermelon vines in my mind and tried to grow watermelons and pumpkins twice each with no success, so I was determined to have room for a watermelon and pumpkin patch. The space for the the vegetables beds was larger than I had ever had to work with, 30ft X 21 ft! So much potential for lots of varieties of vegetables.

The plan was to have 4 main raised beds 12' x 6', with 2 ft wide boarder beds, and walkways in between. So off to the hardware store again for wood and supplies and to the city dump for more mulch.

The raised bed boxes are constructed with 2" x 8"s 
and anchored with wood stakes in the ground
The boxes are in place

We lined the beds with cardboard to minimize 
the weed and grass from coming through
This time we rented a trailer because we estimated that 
we would need at least 4 loads of mulsh to fill the beds
Even with 4 full loads of mulsh the beds were only half filled
We filled the balance with a mix of Kellog Growmulsh and Miracle Grow
 which has been a suscessful combination for several years
Finally ready to plant! Now the real work begins!

The blue and black berries are planted
I planted a few flowers along the fence
The Lettuce bed
The Kale and Spinch bed
The tomato trellises are in place
The first Tomatoes are planted. This is only the begining.
Now to plant more vegetables, water, weed and wait!  

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