Sunday, May 31, 2015

Through the Garden Gate

In the past I had pets dig up flower beds and lounge on cool vegetables, so I knew a fence had to be built for the vegetable garden. For months I looked at hundreds of photos for fences and garden gates for inspiration trying to decide the style I wanted. Mr. S helped narrow down the choices and finally we decided on a white picket fence.

We did a lot of prep work during the week in preparation for another back breaking weekend. I measured and checked my plans I had drawn and took a trip to the hardware store to buy the wood, hardware, and supplies for the fence. For the main support posts we used pressure treated wood. There were pre-made sections of  picket fences, but Mr. S did not like the construction, so we bought the pre-cut pickets instead. Lots of measurements later we had a fence!

The main posts were set in concrete

 All the pickets are spaced the same 
distance apart with the dogs watching
 I think Zoe has figured out the fence is to keep the dogs out, 
she doesn't look happy about it.
 Making progress
 The finials were a bit pricey, 
but they added the to style I was trying to achieve.
 I drafted a pattern on my CAD system to use as 
a template to achieve the curve for the gate.
Time to paint!
 The fence is looking closer to what I had imagined!
 I'm so happy with the results!

 I had to search for the trellis. H&H had trellises, 
but they were all too wide for the gate opening.
I had to special order the trellis at Armstrong Garden Center.

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