Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zack Snyder and John "DJ" Des Jardin at the Santa Monica Apple Store in Santa Monica

I had a great night even though I braved the rain and the long drive across town to Santa Monica. I was amazed when it only took 35 minutes! When I found the Apple store there was a line, but not too long. It was very organized and I ended up near the front.

After Zach and DJ were introduced they showed raw footage of Dr. Manhattan with his funky light bulb outfit that had tracking marks for the computer animation.

Then it went to a Q&A, here are some of the questions summarized.

Q: Someone asked, "How did filming differ from 300?"

A: Zach said, "Quite a bit, with 300 I used 3 cameras most of the time, but with Watchmen I used one camera."

Q: The person went a round about way of asking this question, but in short this is what he asked: "Is there a Squid? If not, why not?"

A: Zack laughed and basically said, "No, because I didn't want to spend 15 minutes on a squid when the rest of the characters where so much more interesting."

Q: "What scene made you loose the most sleep?"

A: "The Kennedy assignation, because the workers who were suppose to mow the lawn at the location went on strike so they had to scramble to find a new location."

There were lots more questions, but too many to remember. Lastly, they showed footage of Dr. Manhattan in various stages of CGI, it was incredible watching from raw to the final cut.

Zack took time to autograph books and posters, as well as posters of Dr. Manhattan which they passed out.
I can't wait to see the movie!

Pictures from the Apple store:

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