Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Watchmen Posters ~ Chicago Detroit Boston

Chicago - 2/6
Who watches the WATCHMEN? Stop by Uncle Fun (1338 W Belmont) on Fri 2/6 from 11am-12pm to get your Comedian poster!

Detroit - 2/7
Who watches the WATCHMEN? Stop by Noir Leather (206 W 4th St, Royal Oak) Sat 2/7 from 3-5p to get your Ozymandias poster!

Boston - 2/6
Who watches the WATCHMEN? Go 2 Comicopia (464 Commonwealth Ave) Fri 2/6 from 11-7p to get an Ozymandias poster & ENJOY 20% off all Feb LONG!

For more information:

Sign up for WATCHMEN updates, including the secret locations and to enter the VIP contest, fill in the form Watchmen Updates or text VEIDT along with your zip code to 43549 (ex. VEIDT 91505). Only one entry per phone is allowed, so if you've already entered, just stay close to your phone and wait for WATCHMEN updates.

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