Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's that time of year again!

The cycling season is here! My daughter broke her arm while out riding her fixed gear last week with friends. So her racing season is shot for now, but the rain and a broken arm didn't stop us from going to a bike race in Dominguez Hills this morning. We went to cheer on her friend Rachel who braved the rain! Now that's true cycling dedication.

Next week, Saturday February 14th is the first day of the Tour of California. We had planned to go to Stage 1 & 2 in Northern California, but since my daughter's accident, we will skip the first weekend and watch it on Versus. We will definitely go to the finish of Stage 7 in Pasadena on Saturday, February 21st and to the finish of Stage 8 in Escondido on Sunday, February 22.

If you have never been to the Tour of California or any major bike race, you should go! All the major Pro teams will be there as well as the big cycling names, including Lance Armstrong.

More information: Tour of California

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Loren said...

oooh no. i dont look very excited to be there. haha.