Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Losers Premiere

I can't sleep! I'm home from Hollywood after seeing the premiere of The Losers with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, and Idris Elba. I had the pleasure of bringing four friends who are Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans, most of which had never been to a Hollywood movie premiere. The red carpet was tented because of the rainy forecast, but of course, since I brought my huge umbrella, the rain had stopped by the time I arrived at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Once inside the theater. we settled into our seats and waited what seemed like forever for the movie to begin. I can't complain, we had been let into the theater earlier than usual because of the weather, which was cold and windy by then. I did spot Sandy Morgan, Jeffrey's mom, about 6 rows behind me. We took a trip to the restroom and saw Kate Beckinsale in the lobby. She seemed to be very approachable and accommodating to fans who greeted her and asked to have a picture with her or an autograph.

Not long after we made it back to our seats, the movie began. We never saw any of the cast members before it began. (More about movie later)

After the movie we made our way to the lobby. We saw camera flashes to the left of us so we made our way in that direction and saw that it was Kate in the middle of the crowd taking pictures with fans.

Just as we were turning to walk the other direction I almost bumped into Chris Evans who was headed in the opposite direction. Charity, who was with me is a huge Chris fan and wanted to meet him. I called out, "Chris." But he kept on walking, not making eye contact, pretty much looking down at the ground.

A woman following him turned to us with the expression as if to say sorry. She said, "He has to pee."

Chris walked about five feet, saw the crowd of people around Kate Beckinsale, and then turned around (he would have had to go through the crowd around Kate to get to the men's restroom). He looked at us as he walked by. This time, the woman said sorry as she continued to follow Chris. I guess he really had to pee. LOL! Charity was just happy she got to see Chris Evans in person.

We decided to go outside to the courtyard. It wasn't long when I turned and saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan walking out the doors alone towards Charity and I in long legged strides. He reached Charity first. She was frozen looking up at him as had he already taken the sharpie out of her hand and autographing her movie ticket. He autographed my picture next. Next thing we knew we were surrounded by fans greeting him and asking for his autograph or a picture.

We were stuck and couldn't move as Jeffrey was swarmed. He turned 360 degrees signing autographs. He ended back facing me and signed another picture I had in my hand. That was when he stole my sharpie while he continued to sign autographs frantically.

Bodyguards appeared from nowhere and tried to get the crowd to back away. Of course Charity and I couldn't go anywhere because we were trapped. Jeffrey was in front of me. I told the bodyguard next to me I wanted to get my pen back from Jeffrey. He nodded. I placed my hand on Jeffrey's back attempting to get his attention to get it back so I could get out of the way, but he was still frantically signing. So I gave up. Eventually he was able to escape to a waiting limousine along with my sharpie in his hand! LOL!

We caught up with the rest of our group at the Roosevelt Hotel to have a wonderful dinner recapping the exciting night.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

The red carpet tented in case of rain

My first attempt at a picture without a flash

Jeffrey frantically trying to autograph pictures or movie tickets.

Me : ) The Losers in theaters Friday, April 23

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