Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clash of the Titan ~ Movie Review

I admit, the only draw for me to see Clash of the Titans was Sam Worthington (Perseus), Liam Neeson (Zeus), and Ralph Fiennes (Hades) at the premiere last night. I only saw Sam from across the theater. If it hadn't been for Jeffrey Dean Morgan and director McG, the night would have been almost wasted.

First, I recommend you watch the campy classic 1981 version in stop motion animation with Harry Hamlin (Perseus) and Laurence Olivier (Zeus) before you make a rash judgement.

The story stayed faithful to the original film and the CGI was definitly super, but I still have fondness for the stop motion animation. I don't think spending the extra $5 million for a 3-D conversion was worth it. It wasn't spectacular. I'm happy I didn't have to pay $16 to see the movie. The monsters are well done. I especially liked Medusa, but was let down by the Kraken. It just reminded me of a recolored version of the monster in Cloverfield. Clash of the Titans is not an Oscar winning performance, but it is entertaining. It's just worth it to see Sam Worthington and Nicholas Hoult in a short skirt, but save your money and see it in 2D.

Clash of the Titan in theaters April 2, 2010

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