Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Losers Screening

Last night I braved the pouring rain to attend an early screening of The Losers with my girlfriends. The movie wasn't 100% complete, some CGI needs to be improved/reworked and I hope they give a little more punch to the ending. (Not much time for an April 9th opening)

Great fight scenes, lots of nonstop action, and great one liners. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evens, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, and Oscar Jaenada worked well together as a modern A-Team.

Chris Evens is hysterical, with lots of one liners, everyone laughed out loud. The elevator scene really had the audience laughing and clapping. Which also leads to great song selection - Chris does a little singing. LOL!

There were lots of close ups on Jeffrey throughout the movie, you won't be disappointed, but I wanted to see more of him than Zoe Saldana in the sex scenes. Zoe is great in the fight scene against Jeffrey, literally HOT.

Our group was asked to stay for a focus group (funny, four women, I would have thought we were out of the demographic). Maybe Warner Brothers has finally realized women love action movies too! I look forward to seeing the finished movie.

In theaters April 9, 2010

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