Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Colin Firth Day!

My friends and I had the best time tonight! We went to a screening of "A Single Man" with a Q&A with Colin Firth at the Landmark Theaters. We had front row seats. It was very hard to watch the movie so close up, but it was so worth it when the theater staff placed directors chairs right in front of us for the Q&A!

Colin was so close to us that our feet could almost touch. I took a few pictures, but then managed to relax and soak in every detail: The hand stitching on the suit he wore, the color and texture of his skin, the wave of his hair on the top of his head, the cuff links, the polish on his shoes, and the gold wedding band on his left ring finger. It's not everyday you see Colin Firth this close to you! Just a gorgeous man.

I could listen to him speak for hours. He was funny and very detailed in answering the questions. He talked about how easy it was to work with Tom Ford the director. The movie was filmed mostly at night, on location in and around LA and Pasadena in 21 days.

My friends both took video, I took a very short one which I will include below. From the angle of the video and the picture, you can see how close we were!

Afterwards we were ready with our photographs so we stood up. Colin was right there to autograph my picture. (I'm sure he saw my 8X10 picture sitting on my lap as he was doing the Q&A.) I don't recall saying anything. I hope I said thank you. He took my pen and autographed Isaac's picture.

Colin was so aware of his surroundings because, I think, he noticed that Annette was getting her picture ready so he turned to sign some one's picture. Then turned back around just as Annette had her picture out and signed hers. I wanted a picture with him, but by then a crowd had swarmed in and we decided to get packed up and head to the next theater.

Yes, I found out Colin was going to be at another theater to do another Q&A at Sunset 5, not too far away.

When we arrived the movie had already started. Isaac scoped out the layout while we went to the restroom. He told us the front row was totally empty so we took seats near the back and made a plan to move to the front row when the movie ended.

As the credits went up we made our move. There we were, smack in the middle of the front row again! Colin looked at us as if to say, "Hey, weren't you all just at the other theater?" LOL!

Colin was a bit further away and the lighting was even dimmer. At first the man conducting the Q&A asked the same questions, but thankfully the questions took a different turn. Colin was just as funny, self deprecating. He doesn't appear to take himself too seriously.

After the Q&A was finished I asked him to sign my Pride and Prejudice DVD cover so he did. A man interrupted before I could ask for a picture with him. (you can see the man in the picture with me and Colin) The man said, "I love the movie Colin, I've seen it 6 times!" and then asked for an autograph. Colin actually signed a few things for him, a picture and a cover for Pride and Prejudice.

While he was signing them, I said, "I pale in comparison, I've only seen the movie 3 times." Then I managed to ask, "Colin may I have a picture with you?"

Just then a man announced that we had to clear the theater. Colin said, "Oh, we have to go, but we can take the picture in the lobby."

The crowd followed Colin up the aisle, I ended up in front of him and Isaac and Annette behind him. People got in between us, but I tried not to get in the way as they stopped him to say hello or get a picture. I stood just out the door of theater and waited as people talked to him. Eventually an usher said we had to clear the way and go into the lobby. He pulled one of those retractable belt like barricades. On the other side of the belt, I could still see Colin inside the door way. Everyone waited for him. Then he waved at me, he came out of the theater and said, "They want me to exit through here." He pointed back inside the theater and he motioned for me to come over to take the picture with him.

Isaac had disappeared so I yelled for him to come back. Isaac was quick, Colin put his arm around me, and then Isaac took the picture. I think I said thank you and then Colin turned and he was gone.

I had to sit down after that! OMG! Thank God there was a bench a few feet away!

I couldn't believe he remembered and found me to take a picture just as he had said he would. I had noticed he seemed to be aware of his surroundings. What a sweet heart! I've been a fan since I saw Bridget Jones Diary. I think I saw that before Pride and Prejudice. That's it, I'm a fan for life!

Annette, me, and Isaac

It was the best birthday ever! I met Mr. Darcy! Not a bad way to celebrate, Colin Firth Day.

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