Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bounty Hunter Screening

Tonight I went to a screening of The Bounty Hunter. I vaguely remember the first 10 minutes because someone walked in just after the lights went out and sat down about 5 or 6 rows directly in front of us!

Firstly, I have to say, I wasn't particularly interested in the storyline. But of course, since Gerard is in it I was excited to see the movie. It was better than I had expected! The movie was very funny -- laugh out loud funny! The audience was mixed men/women, mostly twenty-something year olds. Surprisingly, men laughed the loudest in the funnier scenes. I thought Gerard and Jennifer worked great together. No slow parts and it had a fair amount of action.

I will give some spoilers away... that "hickey" on Gerard's neck that everyone wondered about in the set pictures... it was really a mark from being tasered. Nice white towel scene by the way! One last thing... He doesn't wear that awful blue plaid shirt in the entire move. You will love one of the shirts he does wear, OMG so funny!

I have to see it again! Too funny!

In theaters March 19

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Candace said...

Coolio! I like seeing Gerard Butler in comedies! This should be fun! =)