Saturday, October 10, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen Premiere & After Party

The Girls and I made a day of it for the Premiere of Law Abiding Citizen. We went to Hollywood to hang out and have lunch. Once checked into the hotel we made our way to Hollywood Blvd.

Workers putting down red carpet for the premiere.

Fans were already lined up staking their claim on the sidewalk across the street from Grauman's Chinese theater over 12 hours before the arrival of the Stars. WOW is all I can say! More dedicated than me!
Once all the girls arrived we went to lunch at the Roosevelt Hotel and then walked around the historic hotel to check out how the preparations were going for the after party.

We had coffee at the Coffee Bean and relaxed until it was time to change for the premiere.

Lois and Maree

We met a actor, Scott Burn, who noticed us holding a picture of Gerard.

Once we were in our seats in the theater we had to wait at least another hour before F. Gary Gray came to introduce the film. The movie was to start at 7:30, but of course the Stars and F. Gary Gray had to do Red Carpet interviews, it almost never starts on time.

In our seats.

Maree and Lois
Sandy and Annette

Barbara and me

F. Gary Gray

The movie was even better the second time! Remember, it was very stressful watching the movie with F. Gary Gray sitting beside me and Gerard in front of me at the pre screening a few weeks ago. Yes, they were in the same theater again, but thank goodness not next to me so I could concentrate and enjoy the movie. The audience reaction was great. Guys were yelling and cheering at all the shocking parts.
A guy behind me yelled, "Man, he's (Gerard) even better than in 300!"

After the movie we walked up the aisle and waited for Gerard. Of course everyone was greeting and congratulating him. Alan, his business partner with Evil Twins Productions stopped to talk with Lois.

Let me give you some back story: The night before, Lois was on her way to the hotel after going to a pre screening of Law Abiding Citizen. Sitting at a traffic light, a man waved at her to get her attention in the car beside her. She rolled her window down. To her surprise the man asked, "Are you a Gerard Butler fan?" (Lois has a bumper sticker on her car)
She said, "Absolutely! Hi Alan!"
Alan was shocked and thrilled that Lois knew his name. She proceeded to tell him she had just come from a screening of the movie and congratulated him. Lois told him she would be there supporting them at the premiere. He thanked her for all the support and would see her tomorrow.

So here we are at the premiere and Alan is excited to see Lois. He gives her a big hug and and a kiss then he pulls Gerard over who was talking to someone else.
Allen says, "This is the woman I was telling you about!"
Gerard hugged her and kept holding her hands while they talked. Lois, I think, was in shock while Gerard and Allen proceed to tell her about their conversation about her.

Mean while, I'm asked to move by bodyguards. So after Gerard finishes talking with Lois, Gerard somehow spots me behind the two big body guards and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I think he said, "Hey darling how are you." (it's a blur)

I managed to introduce Barbara to him who hadn't met him yet. To her surprise he gave her a big hug and a kiss too. Even though stunned, she managed to have a conversation with him, tell him how much she loved the movie, and he was wonderful to take the time to autograph Barbara's picture too. I think she is still stunned even though it's been a few days.

I had a personal mission for two of our girls, Lynne and Jane, who couldn't make it to the premiere because they are on a European vacation (bad scheduling, I know). He was happy to help me with the mission, I can't say anything right now because it's a surprise for the girls.

Maree and I at the after party.
I think this is sooo funny -- Maree's hands were shaking when she took these pictures with me and Tyrese. LOL! I didn't mind because he had his arm around me the whole time. What a sweetheart to be so patient! He truly is beautiful in person.
F. Gary Gray and me

F. Gary Gray and Alan
Photographers took pictures of the F. Gary Gary and the Stars

Gerard and Merle

It was crazy! Gerard didn't sit down once the entire time. All I saw him have was cup of coffee, a bottle of water, and I think a brownie. He was non stop with people waiting in line to greet and congratulate him, but he was gracious to everyone. He posed for pictures, gave hugs, and told us stories. I don't know how he does it!
Gerard entertaining the ladies.

I got few more moments with him. He said after posing for a picture, with his arm around me, "This is crazy!" I looked up. He nodded toward the crowd waiting to talk to him.
I said, "I don't know how you do it!"
He smiled. He looked sooo tired. Sooo sweet, but sadly the picture with him didn't turn out.

At the end, about 1:00 am, he looked sooo wiped out, the bodyguards were ushering him away and clearing a path, he stopped again.
We said our good nights, he squeezed my hand. I said, "See you tomorrow."
He nodded. "Tomorrow then."

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