Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Jay Leno Show

The last day of our Law Abiding Citizen Premiere week we spent at the Jay Leno Show.

Here we are in line waiting to go into the studio.
Lois and Barbara


Me and my niece Brittany

Studio 11 where the Jay Leno Show is taped.

I talked Brittany into going up to the stage to get a picture with Jay. He's such a crack up.

Gerard was a hoot as always. He even raced the Green Car challenge and beat the best time. (I couldn't find a video of it.)

After the show we went to downtown Burbank and enjoyed our last dinner together at the Elephant Bar.

Barbara and Brittany

Lois, Maree, and me

Brittany and Annette

Lois and Maree

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