Sunday, October 18, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen Bracelet

The girls in the group are very creative. In honor of the Law Abiding Citizen Premiere they decided to make bracelets like the one Clyde cherishes that his little girl made for him the day she is killed.

We didn't think it would be appropriate to wear "DADDY" bracelets so the girls came up with the great idea of making them with names from Gerard Butler's characters he plays in his movies.
We all wore our bracelets the night of the Law Abiding Citizen premiere. When I was speaking to Gerard he saw mine, "Phantom".
He smiled and said, "How lovely."

Attila, One - Two, Marek, Leonidas

Marek and Leonidas
One Two and Attila

We wore them opening weekend also.

Phantom and Clyde
Phantom, Attila, Clyde and One Two.

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