Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Live

We were the first to arrive at Jimmy Kimmel around 4:30. We were so excited and got busy taking pictures.

Annette, Barbara, Lois, and me

Not long after people began arriving. It was hot and the line coordinators had us squeezed into a small area. A little while later the Gamer Girls handed out tee shirts and Gamer energy drinks.

About 6:00 we were finally inside the staging area where we stood some more, but it was at least air conditioned. We were seated in about the 4th or 5th row with a straight view of where Jimmy and the guests sit. I was right next to the camera. It's stadium seating so we were also at eye level. No, we weren't in the front rows because they are saved for the VIP guests. If you taped the show you can see us in the audience, especially Barbara with her beautiful fuchsia blouse.

The audience warmer, Don, began working the crowd and a few minutes into it my shoe fell off my foot! It landed behind the seat of the guy in front of Annette who was next to me. Soon all of us were distracted with trying to figure out how to get my shoe back. One of the people in front of us noticed what was going on and they told the young man in front of Annette to get my shoe. Soon the row in front of us were all trying to get my shoe back for me. Once I got my shoe back the entire audience and Don, the audience warmer, were staring at us.

Don asked something like, "What's going on? Is there a private party going on?"
I said, "I lost my shoe."
Don said, "Are you trying to pick up men by throwing your shoe at them?"
The young man in front of me said something like, "It's working," and he began rubbing my leg!
Don the audience warmer continued with his act, but every once in a while would pick on me about throwing my shoe at men. Later he gave me a souvenir for teasing me, a key chain with Jimmy Kimmel Live printed on it.

The show started, all I heard was blah blah blah until the Gerard came out. Gorgeous! There he was sitting in front of us and he was his usual fun self.

At the commercial break we were probably at the edge of our seats hoping he would look up at the audience. All the support staff came on to the stage to touch up makeup, set up the Wacky Wire, and talk to Jimmy. All I thought was, GET OUT OF THE DAMN WAY!!

Then everyone was gone, leaving Gerard standing on the stage. He looked up and smiled while he looked at each and every one of us. He looked back at me and pointed with his finger with a big grin and shook his head looking at all of us again.

He looked around at the rest of the audience and waved at the other fans who were sitting further up in the stands.

When show resumed, Jimmy and Gerard were a crack up with the Wacky Wire and the donut story! OMG the donut story!

After Nate's interview we were directed out of the studio to the outside concert stage to see the taping of the musical guest, The Used, which will be shown next Friday. We didn't stay long and had to walk around to the front of the building to retrieve our cameras.

Another fun night in Hollywood!

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