Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Movie Review ~ The Soloist

Tonight, I went to an advance screening of Joe Wright's new film, The Soloist. The film is a beautiful true story about an unlikely friendship between Los Angels Times newspaper reporter Steve Lopez, Robert Downey Jr., and a homeless man Nathaniel Ayers, Jamie Foxx. At times the film is very funny and then it brings you back to the reality of mental illness. The music is beautiful, Jamie Foxx is amazing, and Robert Downey Jr. is at his best.

Personally, I've gone to school and work in the downtown Los Angeles area for over 20 years. At times a few blocks from 6th and San Julian, Skid Row. I feel the homeless are exaggerated in the film, but I'm thankful it doesn't make light of the homeless problem in Los Angeles. I loved the movie.

My friend spoke to a "B" celebrity in the men's restroom. The celeb said he didn't like the ending, "it lacked the big payoff", but I disagree, the movie had a great payoff, friendship.

To see the Soloist trailer visit the official site: The Soloist

The Soloist in theaters April 24, 2009

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Nomad said...

i've heard the Soloist does a great job raising awareness about those who are homeless who might also happen to be mentally unstable; still don't know if i'll get to this while it's still in the theaters