Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Big Bang Theory @ the Paley Festival

Last week I went to the Paley Festival to see The Big Bang Theory panel. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows (brings out the inner geek in me). My favorite episode was the one with "time machine" the guys bought online.

We had great seats at the Cinerama Dome, front row balcony where were first treated with an upcoming episode, "After being dumped by Leslie, Howard heads to Las Vegas with Leonard and Raj, leaving Penny to deal with Sheldon, who has locked himself out of the apartment." It was laugh out loud funny!

The entire cast was there, Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard) , Kaley Cuoco (Penny) , Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh), and Simon Helberg (Howard) as well as creaters Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. They shared great stories, it was so funny hearing about their adventures at Comic Con in San Diego when the cast rented a boat and Kaley was the captain. The cast was very entertaining and I think surprised how many fans had turned up to see them. At he end audience members could ask questions, my favorite was, "Which cast member is most like his or her character?" Everyone pointed to Jim. LOL! Afterwards they were very generous with their time and autographed my program.

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