Monday, April 13, 2009

Cookies for Soldiers

Since I wrote about my trip out to Fort Irwin and the concept of my new book, I have been flooded with emails from wives, mothers, and grandmothers about their stories from WWII, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Friends and supporters have all sent their encouragement to continue with my book.

With every email I read, I was in tears reading accounts of their memories of life during WWII; sending Vmail, Victory Gardens, rationing, only having 2 pairs of shoes a year, and the Western Union man delivering telegrams containing bad news.

I've learned so much -- I had no idea my friend Sandy sends 47 boxes of cookies every month to her grandson and his friends in Iraq! Sandy wrote: "I don't support the war, but I do support our troops. They need to know that they are supported and not forgotten."

And my friend Lynn so eloquently wrote:
"It's hard to realize that we have now been at War longer than WWII, but it's true. The loved ones of those engaged in today's conflict feel the same anxiety and fear and dread. Relationships have the same intensity and stressors."

My friend Susan sent pictures of her son in Iraq. Now, I have a face to go with the name of the soldier I sent cookies to...

Michael also sent these pictures

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