Monday, September 29, 2008

Russell Crowe @ The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

I went to Leno Monday to see Russell Crowe, one of my friends, Marcy is a long time fan so I was able to get tickets. We had such a great time. Russell was sooo happy to see Marcy in the audience he waved several times and had such a huge smile on his face! We had the best seats, different from the last times I have gone. We were center, above where John Melendez sits, a straight view from Russell and Jay. It was perfect, I had never noticed that the cameras on the floor block the audience sitting at the front at floor level.

Before Jay showed the trailor to Body of Lies, which Russell was there to promote, Russell mentioned Mark Strong who is also in Rocknrolla. I was sooo excited, I almost yelled, "YAY!"

I said to Marcy, "I question my sanity, making myself crazy with the effort to see my favorite actors. But then when he sees you and makes a special effort to acknowledge that he knows you are there supporting him, you know why you do it! He has a way of hooking you right back in! LOL!"

You should have seen the huge smile on Marcy's face at dinner... Priceless!

Watch Russel Crowe on Jay Leno:

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