Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Show

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Unfortunately we weren't able to take cameras and cell phones into the studio, but we had a blast watching the taping with Gerard Butler as the guest.

After the show taping we went to dinner at Shin's. Dinner was wonderful as always, thanks to Simon Shin. If you are ever in Hollywood make sure you have dinner at Shin's.

We had an exhausting, but wonderful couple of days... you can see us all smiling!

Tracy and me

Lori and me

Maree and me

Lois and me

Jane and me

Sandy and me... I think she's still stunned from meeting Gerard.

Merle and her sister

Tracy and Sandy -- Before the chocolate cake shots, but after the wine... LOL!

Lois and Maree
Jane, Lynne, and Lois

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