Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movie Review ~ The Wrestler

I really didn't have a desire to see The Wrestler, I had no interest in a film about professional wrestling, but went only because of a special screening with Marisa Tomei with a Q&A following the film. I've always loved her performances in films.

Although I don't care for Mickey Rourke, he did a fantastic job, the movie is very sad and bloody, I had to turn away during the fights. Marisa was terrific, but wanted to see her character more. She plays a stripper, Cassidy, who Mickey, Randy the Ram, is in love with.

During the Q&A Marisa spoke about preparing for the role and working with Mickey. Marisa went to strip bars, met with strippers, and took pole dancing classes. Marisa is incredible shape! She said it was great working with Mickey, they has similar processes preparing for a role, they both don't like to rehearse.

The Wrestler in theaters January 9, 2009

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