Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last Night, January 7th, my friends and I went to the taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. The Studio was a lot smaller than The Tonight Show with Jay Leno studio but larger than The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. We were happy with our seats, we weren't seated in the front, a straight view of Jimmy and the guests, but like I said the studio was small so there wasn't a bad seat in the studio.

We had the extra treat of seeing Anne Hathaway, who is the guest for tonight, Thursday January 8th, but they taped is last night, kind of like what they do for Craig Ferguson.
It was especially nice to see Anne since she acted opposite James McAvoy in Becoming Jane, my most favorite James McAvoy movie. After Jimmy finished the interview he changed his tie and talked to people on the stage.

Once the real show taping finally began Jimmy performed his monologue and then his Aunt and his Uncle Sal were there, his Aunt was a hoot, poor thing, well maybe, poor Jimmy, he did different pranks to see how fast it would take for her to get mad. It was never long, how Uncle Sal was married to her is unbelievable!

Ron Howard was the first guest, he was cool, just a regular guy. It's still hard to believe Opie is a major director now. His stories of how he includes his family in his movies were great to hear, but his poor dad, always cut from the movies!

Then the highlight of the night, Jeffrey Dean Morgan! All I can say is, he looked really HOT! He saw us in the audience waving madly at him, his face lit up. He was there to promote Grey's Anatomy, but Jimmy showed a picture of him as the Comedian in Watchmen we cheered loudly, his smiled was even bigger. Then he talked about Comic Con, of course we cheered even louder.
Jeffrey's head popped up and pointed, he said something like "You were there!"
He waved at us again at the end of the interview, of course we were thrilled! When he was off camera and getting ready to leave he shook every one's hand on the stage, he turned to the audience and waved goodbye again!

Sorry no pictures, all cameras and camera phones had to be checked at the door or left in our cars.

Here's the link to watch the episode, (yes the girls you hear cheering loudly when Jeffrey is on stage are us):

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Or you can see just Jeffrey's interview here (thanks to my friends at The School of Jeffrey Dean Morgan):

The School of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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