Sunday, November 16, 2008

Southern California Fires

I'm sure you all know we are having several fires here in Southern California. My home isn't near any of the fires, the closest is in Anaheim Hills/ Yorba Linda about 30 - 40 minutes east of us. My sister and her husband's neighborhood have been evacuated in Anaheim Hills. They live just off Weir Canyon Road right in the hot spot, which is still closed as of today.

Thankfully my sister and brother in law had been visiting my parents at their home in Temecula since Friday night. They had no idea about the fires until I called my parents on Saturday afternoon looking for my sister to see if they had heard from them. We are very lucky everyone is safe.

The sky is grey from smoke and ashes are falling everywhere. Very sad and gloomy here. We left the house to do some errands and this is the view of the sky from Whittier.

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