Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Review ~ Defiance

The AFI Film Festival closed on Sunday night with the Premiere of Defiance directed by Edward Zwick. Edward Zwick announced the film and spoke about how he had heard stories from survivors of WWII of how Jews had fought to defend themselves and hid in the Belarussian forest in Nazi-occupied Poland. It took Edward Zwick twelve years to finally see this movie in theaters.

This true story is about the four Bielski brothers who become reluctant leaders of a group of people fleeing from persecution led by Tuvia Bielski, Daniel Craig. They encounter the hardships of protecting, feeding, and sheltering the people from the harsh winters. Edward Zwick doesn't soften the story, but tells the raw truth of what the people had to endure in order to survive.

A friend of mine, Lois came along to see the movie and had to stand in the "Rush" line (standby tickets). While in line, limousines began to park on the curb near her. She saw a man approaching the limousines who she recognized as Liev Schreiber who plays one of the brothers, Zus Bielski. A man not too far from her in line caught Liev's attention and began talking to him and showing pictures. The man happened to be a Bielski family member.

Liev asked the man, "What are you doing standing in this line?"
The man answered, "I'm hoping to get inside the Cinerama Dome to see the movie."
"What? You shouldn't be in this line!" Liev turned to a woman who was standing beside him. "Get this man inside!"
Next thing the man knew, he the was being ushered away by Liev and the woman.

Defiance in selected theaters December 31, 2008
Wide release January 16, 2009

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