Monday, August 4, 2008

Comic-Con 2008 ~ Day 3

Thursday, July 24, 2008
As we entered hall H, we handed a card for a free Watchman gift. I made sure I put it in a safe spot and got comfortable until the panels began.

Warner Brothers


Panel: Director Zack Snyder, Producer Joel Silverman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson, Nancy

I had been looking forward to this panel, 2nd only to Rockn'Rolla, I loved Zack Snyder's "300", Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Grey's Anatomy, and Patrick Wilson in the Phantom of the Opera.

After the panel a few of us volunteered to redeem our gifts. We braved the crowds into the exhibition hall. We made it to the Warner Brothers booth where a crowd surround the booth. We found out there would be an autograph signing for the Watchmen panel. So we went back to hall H and met the rest of our group. We told the girls about the autograph signing and three of us decided to brave the lines and we hurried to get in line.
The line for the autograph signing was crazy with people fighting to get into the line, well long story short, we were the the last three in line. While in line we found out we would only get autographs from Zack, Patrick, and Billy. Across the isle at the NECA booth was another line for Jeffrey, Nancy and one other person, but we would have to pay to get the autographs. So after we got through the first line we ran and luckily they hadn't closed the second line!
Jeffrey smiled at us and said, "Nice to see you again when he autographed our posters."
He said it sincerely, so I'm gonna believe he remembered when we met at the P.S. I Love You premiere!
Me and Patrick Wilson!
I told him I loved him in Phantom of the Opera!

When we finished getting our autographs we walked away thrilled with our success. Zack, Patrick, and Jeffrey! What lucky girls we were! We walked through the crowded exhibit hall smiling from ear to ear.
We hadn't made it that far when Maree said, "Should we go back and see if we can get a picture with Jeffrey?"
I didn't think twice and turned and ran back negotiating the people in my way. I was the first to make it back to the autograph signing booth just as Jeffrey was coming down the stairs. His entourage and bodyguards surrounded him.
I yelled, "Jeffrey may I have a picture with you?"
Jeffrey turned. His bodyguard blocked me with his arms and said, "Sorry he has to go."
Jeffrey said, "Yes of course." Next thing I knew he had his arm around me!
I turned to look for Maree and Lois. They had just caught up to me and Maree was already pointing her camera. It was several seconds while we waited until Maree got the shot, but Jeffrey was sweet enough to wait patiently.
After Maree took the picture the bodyguard said, "Sorry he really has to go!"

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