Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bounty & Dragon & Shin Oh My!!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for not posting until now. It was a long busy weekend and then I had that work thing yesterday (don’t you hate when real life gets in the way!). I was so exhausted by the time I came home last night, but I had grading to finish up. No rest for the wicked!

I had such a wonderful time! We had an incredibly successful night! Annette and I spoke to Simon the next morning. He was thrilled and thanked us for bringing the party to Shin BBQ. He's excited for next time!

Congratulations to everyone who won prizes! I hope everyone enjoys them!
Annette and I put aside the prizes for the people who didn't make it to the party.
To name a few winners: Bridget Jones, Lady Macbeth, Emily Bronte, and Punkin. We will be contacting you soon to make arrangements to send you your prizes.

We were so honored to have Marcy be our event photographer. I can't wait to see the photos! As soon as she sends the photos I will post them!

With all the events, the premiere and talk shows, Annette and I won't have our meeting until Thursday where we will be totally up the raffle money. No rest, I tell you! LOL!

I'd like to thank everyone for all their help to make the event a success!

Everyone who donated prizes,
Lois and Maree, for helping with the raffle and organizing, and driving,
Lori, for helping to get the word out about the party,
Marcy, for photographing the wonderful night,
Annette, for helping me with the party (I would have never been able to do it without you),
Simon, for welcoming us to your wonderful restaurant,

And most of all... everyone who attended the party and everyone who bought raffle tickets even though some of you weren't able to attend.

All of you made the party a huge success!

Thank you,

PS I will be adding more pictures as soon as I upload them... I have to get ready to go to Burbank for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Jill at the party. Starting them young : )

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