Saturday, June 13, 2009

Movie Review: My Life in Ruins

I'm a huge fan of Nia Vardalos and My Big Fat Greek Wedding so I started following Nia on Twitter when I heard about her new movie My Life in Ruins. The movie hardly has a budget for advertising, so Nia has been basically doing a one woman advertising campaign.

On Friday I barely got to sleep and about 2:00 am my cell phone rang with a wrong number. I looked at my Blackberry and saw that dreaded red light blinking so I checked my email. There were a few Urgent messages from my friend Annette, of course I had to read the messages.

The messages were about Nia doing a Q&A at the Arclight after the screening! We had two choices, Friday night in Hollywood & Saturday night in Sherman Oaks. Both Annette and I had wanted to see the movie, but couldn't last week, well so much for getting much sleep!

By 5:30 in the afternoon we got things organized, bought tickets and on our way to Hollywood. I had told Annette that I read that Nia had Twittered she would be there that night as well as Alexis Georgoulis her co-star in the movie.

We decided to get front row, center tickets. The movie was so funny, many laugh out loud moments. The scenery is amazing and the Ruins, beautiful! I loved Alexis's transformation throughout the movie and Richard Dreyfuss was the best.

Well the movie was finished and Annette and I gripped hands, excited we were going to see Nia and Alexis! Nia is a kick, just a warm and genuine person. She and Alexis immediately moved their chairs closer to us. They were literally sitting three feet in front of us! We were the only ones in the first rows and everyone else was sitting in the stands. People started to moved down into the seats beside us.

Alexis' accent makes you swoon! Nia said a few things and thanked everyone for coming. She asked us to ask questions and she answered them all. Alexis was a little shy, but we loved every time he spoke.

I don't know how Annette does it, but she asked a great question about the comedy. She asked if Nia wrote it all or if some of it was add-libbed. Nia said there was a lot of add-libbing. Especially Richard Dreyfuss and the actors who played the American couple, Harland Williams and Rachel Dratch, so funny!

Nia asked how we found out about the movie and Annette told her about getting an email from the Arclight. All I managed to add was that I was following her on Twitter. She was so excited and thanked us for coming to support the movie. Nia asked us to spread the word.

Afterwards we asked for autographs and pictures with Nia and Alexis. There was a small crowd that stayed and talked with them. We were there until we got kicked out of the theater for the next show! LOL! Nia was the best and Alexis -- swoon!

Please go see My Life in Ruins, help spread the word and tell all your friends!

Tonight Nia and Alexis will be at the Arclight Sherman Oaks to do a Q&A directly following the 7:15 show.
Arclight Tickets

Annette with Nia

Alexis -- swoon!

Me with Alexis

Annette with Alexis

Me with Alexis and Nia

Nia and Alexis
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