Friday, December 5, 2008

Nobel Son Premiere

I received tickets to the premiere of Nobel Son on Tuesday, December 2. I wasn't as interested in the film as I was hoping for the possibility of seeing Allan Rickman who plays the lead. The premiere was held at the Egyptian theater, down the street from Grauman's, which I had never been to before. We waited in line right next to the Red Carpet, we literary next to the photographers and the camera crews. It was low key and no big burly security guards. As the celebrates arrived we took pictures.

Ernie Hudson who plays a cop in the film

Bill Pullman

Bryan Greenberg, the lead in the film

Allan Rickman arriving at the Red Carpet

After the red carpet we made our way to our seats. I decided to go to the lobby to see if I could get Allan to autograph my picture I had brought and buy a soda, well once in the lobby there was Allan standing with two people! I walked up to him and waited for him to finish talking to someone and then I think I said something like,"Hi Allan". My hands were shaking and I don't remember much else. I don't remember what he said to me.. LOL!

While standing in line for the soda a guy and girl were in front of me. The girl told the guy what she wanted from the concession stand and then walked away. Rhea Perlman walked up and told him what she wanted and then the guy started waving at someone to come over to him, well the guy was Danny DeVito. Danny said what do you want, the guy must of said money and then Danny takes a wad of money from his pocket and pulls out $40. Danny tells him what he wants and then walks away. LOL! The guy was Danny's son!

The producers were there to introduce the film and the actors.

After the movie we made our way to the lobby and stood to the side. We watched the actors greet each other and people were shaking hands, it seemed more like all friends and industry people having a reunion than a movie premiere. We saw the lead guy (I didn't know his name at the time) talking to people so I got brave enough to go up to him. I said something like "Congratulation I enjoyed your movie and shook his hand".
He said, "Hi I'm Bryan, thank you for coming."
Bryan Autographed this for me!
Me after the premiere, everything has been cleared away already from the red carpet.

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