Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Perfect Night

My friends and I had a perfect night. We began the evening with dinner, a special prescreening of WANTED at the Archlight, and then a special Q&A with the one of the screenwriters, Michael Brandt.

Now, I have to admit, I'm biased when it comes to James McAvoy's work, he's my new favorite. James McAvoy was perfectly cast, I enjoyed Angelina Jolie, no other actress can do what she does, and only Morgan Freeman can make you believe there is a fraternity of assassins that has existed for a 1,000 years. The movie was great, I hadn't known much about the story before hand other than the trailers. So the twist hadn't been expected.

I couldn't wait to see the movie so the added bonus of Michael Brant speaking about how he and the other screenwriters had created WANTED and his upcoming projects made the night even better. Listening to Michael speaking about writing, rewrites, fighting to have lines included or excluded in the final cut, had been a great experience for me as an aspiring writer. He mentioned he wished one of the lines hadn't been in the final cut, "I'm the man". It worked for me mainly because of James. Had one of the usual manly-action-hero-movie stars been cast, the line wouldn't have worked, but then again the whole movie wouldn't have worked.

Michael was gracious to spend time to talk to us after the Q & A and asked our opinion if we enjoyed the movie. Of course we told him what we thought. I don't know what he thought about us, we're not the usual comic book to film, action adventure, movie goers, definitely out of the demographic. LOL! Far from!

The Q & A after the screening
Michael Brandt & Me

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